Club Rules

  1. The Club shall be called the Retford and District Wheelers and shall be affiliated to British Cycling, Cycling Time Trials, or any other organisation that the Club Executive Committee shall decide.
  2. Club colours shall be red, white and black and include any changes voted for by the majority of the Club.
  3. Management of the Club shall be by an Executive Committee consisting of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, BC Secretary and CTT Secretary, all to be elected annually at the AGM.
  4. And fully paid up member shall be eligible to stand for election as a Club official.
  5. The annual subscription shall be due for renewal on 1st January each year, the amount of which shall be decided each year at the AGM.
  6. Members wishing to resign shall notify the Secretary in writing.
  7. New members elected after 30th September in any year shall, upon payment of their subscription, be entitles to all privileges of membership up to 31st December of the following year.
  8. The Executive Committee shall endeavour to meet once a month to transact Club business. All Club members shall be encouraged to attend committee meetings.
  9. Every individual wishing to become a member shall complete an application form and submit it, together with annual subscriptions, to the Secretary. The application shall be passed to the Executive Committee for approval at the earliest opportunity. If the applicant is not elected the subscription shall be returned.
  10. Any member not having paid the annual subscriptions by the last day of February each year shall be deemed to have resigned and to have forfeited all privileges accruing from membership. Any subsequent application by that person shall be passed on to the Secretary.
  11. Members shall be liable to expulsion for unseemly conduct, or for bringing the Club into disrepute. Any complaint about any Club member shall be passed to the Executive Committee who shall review the complaint in the presence of that member, and whose subsequent decision shall be binding. The reason for expulsion shall be advised to the member.

Retford and District Wheelers, Club Rules May 2006, Draft One.